About Us

It is often said that one should avoid discussing politics or religion in polite company. But these are some of the most interesting topics and I hope I can get you talking about them!


My name’s MK Safi, and I started Hollowverse in February of 2012.

I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Having come from such a strict religious culture as well as having my beliefs put under the microscope after 9/11, when I was living in the United States, I was inspired to critically re-examine my roots. I eventually became fascinated with the practical aspects of religious philosophy and later political philosophy.

That journey of self-examination led me to new levels of consciousness and gave me a new perspective of the world. These are priceless discoveries that I wouldn’t want to trade for anything.

Ironically, these topics are considered taboo yet they are the foundation of how we live our lives.

I think everyone should go through a phase where they critically re-examine their own beliefs. It is perfectly healthy to be curious about our own beliefs and the beliefs of others. With an openness and awareness of the diversity of belief systems, humanity could benefit morally, ethically and practically.

Hollowverse was made to give people another resource to indulge in these curiosities. Religious and political beliefs are not a private matter. They are the foundation of who a person is and unless one fears for their safety, there’s no reason to hide them.

Where we are now

Since its inception in February of 2012 and as of this writing, Hollowverse has become a popular website, garnering more than 200,000 visits per month and closing in on the 1,000,000 monthly page views mark.

We have profiles on over 1,000 famous people and thousands of engaged users who comment on those profiles.

What’s next: I need your help!

All of this search engine traffic and all of these page views are proof that there is a lot of interest in what Hollowverse does.

But Hollowverse needs to be more than a simple WordPress-based site with a boring design. It needs a user-friendly interface; it needs a discussion forum, a community, a way for readers to contribute content, a news feed of celebrities’ political and religious activities, easier ways to browse celebrities categorically or alphabetically; it needs a professional content production process, and more. It needs to satisfy the insatiable interest of its readers!

I have taken Hollowverse as far as I can with the personal resources that I have. Now I need your help. If you share my vision for Hollowverse and you can help it become one of most popular sites online, contact me and let’s do it!

Email me at msafi@msafi.com or find me through my personal website.