Bryan Adams was born in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He grew up traveling the world, the son of a Canadian diplomat.

There is no information that I can find regarding Adams’ childhood religion. Both his parents are British,1 so Anglican would be a safe bet–but again, no proof.

As for Adams himself, he’s notoriously private. He said about his personal life:

I just don’t think it’s anyone’s business. I’ve always been very private: it suits me.2

All we have to go on is one lonely, little tweet:

I was asked recently about my religion, I am quite simply an atheist.3

Simple indeed! There you have it folks, nothing more to say here.

Where to start with the politics

When it comes to politics and social issues, there’s quite a bit more going on with Adams. He’s truly an activist. And it’s pretty easy to see that he leans sharply to the left.

Aside from his foundation, which aims to educate the world’s less fortunate children,4 Adams has lent his star power to such organizations as Amnesty International and The Prince’s Trust.5

These charities are fairly innocuous and uncontroversial. His left-wing comes out with his support of environmental organizations like Greenpeace6 and his hand in creating a whale sanctuary in the South Pacific7 as well as his support of animal rights, PETA and his subsequent veganism.8 He even wrote a letter to KFC’s CEO in Canada, urging him and the business to adopt more “humane” animal-killing.9

Even though he’s Canadian-British, he was happy to see Obama win re-election in 2012, tweeting:

Congratulations to Barack Obama for winning four more years as president of the USA!10

It appears he supports a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine problem, a liberal view at the moment. He was slated to play a benefit concert for the organization called the OneVoice Movement–which supports a separate Israel/Palestine–but the event was cancelled over security concerns.11

It mostly amounts to walking the walk. As previously noted, he doesn’t like talking so much about himself or his social outreach, but he’s certainly no stranger to getting his hands dirty.

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