Adriana Lima

The Religion and Political Views of Adriana Lima



Lima is a devout Catholic.

Political Views

Lima's religion dictates her stance on social issues, but no word on much else.


Adriana Lima was born and raised in Salvador, Brazil. She moved to New York City at 16 to pursue her modeling career.[1]

Lima is a strict Catholic who goes to Mass every week and, unless doing a photo shoot or show, wears a scapular (a Catholic necklace of sorts) around her neck at all times.[2] I can't tell if she was actually a nun at one point or only aspired to be,[3] but being a nun had something to do with her upbringing.

She is so devoted to her faith, Adriana supposedly abstained from sex until she was married at the age of 27.[4] She said:

Sex is for after marriage… [Men] have to respect that this is my choice. If there's no respect, that means they don't want me.[5]

That's rough news for hopeful, hormone-driven men the world over considering Lima has been rated the world's most desirable woman over and over and over by various hotness-rating entities.[6]

Not that it matters. Lima was married in 2009.[7]

Politics of a hyper-religious international supermodel

Politically, Lima hasn't given us much to go on. She did say she believes all of the teachings of the Catholic Church. She said, very clearly, that she thinks abortion is a crime for example.[8] But that would also include: no birth control, no divorce and no gay marriage (among other things). If she was American, you could imagine her being a staunch supporter of the likes of Rick Santorum. She'd probably be quite the hot little conservative.

Lima is an international woman. Born and raised in Brazil, career in the U.S. and now married to a Serbian. Lima applied for Serbian citizenship,[9] saying she loved the Balkan nation.[10] From what I've seen, people whose lives are so multinational go one of two ways: take a meta-political, geopolitical approach to the world, or they don't care too much. I'd imagine Lima would fall into the latter category.

She does do quite a bit of charity work for orphans and the less fortunate in her home country of Brazil.[11] But that's not politics, that's just uncontroversial charity.

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