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Climate Change

Climate Change Activist

20 Apr 2021

In a video for the United Nations

The Paris Agreement lets countries chart their own course to net-zero emissions. It is up to nations, businesses and people to find new ways of doing things. Everything from energy creation, to transportation, manufacturing, and farming. This will spark a huge economic boom for the rest of the century. And it’s already happening: new markets for everything from solar panels, electric cars and energy efficient appliances are creating greener jobs everywhere. This is personal for me. I don’t want to choke on the air I breathe, or see wildfires burning out of control. I don’t want a world that’s parched by drought So, for me and for everyone, the Paris Agreement is the way forward. This is how we can get to a world free from the threat of climate change. And we can definitely do it – we know it’s in our grasp. So let’s keep working together. You too can protect what is left and repair what has been damaged. So help me spread the word by posting your support of the Paris Agreement

Political Affiliations

Criticizes Trump

Possibly Supports Biden

12 Jun 2020

In a tweet

If you are 18 please take a moment to google how to register to VOTE out Trump in November.


Black Lives Matter Supporter

30 May 2020

In a tweet

People don't understand this is NO time to say "ALL lives matter." Lives matter, but ALL lives are not fighting racism. Black lives are. THIS is the time to ONLY say BLACK Lives MATTER. Do not HATE those who don't understand why. Educate them. Only say #BLACKlivesMatter PLEASE.


LGBTQ+ Activist

17 May 2020

In a tweet

“#COVID19 is exacerbating difficulties for LGBTI people, including discrimination and stigma.” -UN Secretary-General António Guterres I join UN in calling for all to speak out for a workplace free of homophobia, biphobia & transphobia. #IDAHOBIT

Political Affiliations

Criticizes Communism

1 Jan 2020

In a tweet

Communism never worked.

Government Size and Efficiency

Pro Small Government

18 May 2019

In a tweet

It’s every country and every industry. Human greed is the problem. The answer is a justice system that does not answer to the leader and a leader without pardon or amnesty powers. All people should have the same rights and benefits. No special rules and powers.


Pro Vaccine

30 Mar 2019

In a tweet




30 Mar 2019

In a tweet

I was not always Vegan. I started 4 years ago for the environment. As the leading cause of climate change I decided I had to lead by example. It was a sacrifice but after all the UN reports I read I either had to TRY or I wouldn’t be sincere or committed. I’ve never felt better!

Women's Rights

Believes Men Are The Problem

14 Mar 2019

In a tweet

I regularly post that men are greedy corrupt and destroy the planet. It’s time for women to take control. Men starts wars and want power and control. Women make peace. I’m a Feminist.

Political Affiliations

Criticizes Trump

15 Dec 2018

On his Instagram

Donald Trump says he hires only the “best people.” But with a track record of disgraced and guilty administration officials – Scott Pruitt, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer, and more…
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