Alex Morgan

The Religion and Political Views of Alex Morgan


Alex Morgan was born and raised in Diamond Bar, California.

There's nothing from which to draw any conclusions about Morgan's religious beliefs, or even whether or not she has any. Her Twitter feed is entirely non-controversial, sports oriented and somewhat impersonal.

She is a white American, so it wouldn't be too much of a logical leap to attribute Christianity to her or her family somewhere along the line–maybe she's got a Catholic uncle or something.

However, she did attend college at UC Berkeley,[1] perhaps America's most liberal, therefore least religious institution. What do you think?

A quiet student of politics

Morgan studied Political Economy at Berkeley[2] so we can be assured that she's in the know politically–probably more than most of the celebrities we profile here on the Hollowverse.

However, that knowledge doesn't translate into any sort of expression of affiliation. There's only one little thing. During election day, 2012, Morgan tweeted:


One can only assume that she was referring to Obama's acceptance speech–which was quite powerful, though I can't remember literally one word that he said–but it certainly doesn't amount to an endorsement. She very well might have said the same thing if Romney had won.

What do you think of this?

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