Alison Brie

The Religion and Political Views of Alison Brie



Alison Brie is a non-religious Jew.

Political Views

She's a liberal who's into environmentalism, gay rights, and Obama.


Alison Brie, whose name at birth was Alison Brie Schermerhorn, was born and raised in Hollywood, California.

Brie's mother is Jewish, and so as she says, she's Jewish by default.[1] The actress got her start performing on-stage at the local Jewish Community Center,[2] but says that she didn't grow up in a religious household. That doesn't mean she minds being labelled as a Jewish actress, though:

My mom… is a proud Jew, so I in turn am proud of my Jewish heritage.[3]

And aside from the fact that while watching the movie Inglourious Basterds she cried tears of joy when (spoiler alert) all the Nazis burned to death,[4] that's all we have on Alison Brie, the non-religious Jew.

Clothing-Optional Liberalism

Brie stands on the liberal side of things. Like say, her college. She went to California Institute of the Arts which she describes as "very liberal." For instance, clothing was optional so she used to put on her tennis shoes and go for a naked job around campus, or maybe do some naked tree climbing. And she took classes like "Queer Books" where she read the classics then wrote papers about how the characters were gay.[5]

As you might expect from someone who went to a clothing-optional school, she gravitates towards big liberal causes like environmentalism[6] and the legalization of gay marriage. After a federal court ruled Proposition 8, a California ballot measure which banned same-sex marriage, illegal, Brie tweeted,

Whoo hoo!!! . . . Prop 8 Overturned!!! Equal rights for everyone! Nice to be out of the 1950s.[7]

And of course, she's an Obama fan. After the president's reelection, she retweeted a picture of Obama and the first lady hugging under the words: Four more years.[8]

So there you have it, folks. Alison Brie, just another nude-jogging, gay-wedding, tree-hugging, Obama-loving liberal.

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