Alyssa Milano

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Pro-Gun Control

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Pro-Gun Control

2 Jun 2022

On her Instagram

Regulate guns now.

Pro-Gun Control

24 May 2022

In a tweet

This is the 16th mass shooting in ten days. BIDEN NEEDS TO SIGN AN EXECUTIVE ORDER NOW.
Alyssa Milano

Pro-Gun Control

Criticizes Trump

5 May 2018

In an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, participating in an anti-NRA rally in Dallas and supporting Jon Ossoff’s campaign

We were just coming out of our I think depression over Trump being elected. He gave us a lot of hope. [...] The gun violence issue is an epidemic. It’s a systemic problem that we have in this country and it needs to be changed. It needs to be fixed. It will not get fixed with the gun lobby stronghold over our politicians.

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