The Religion and Political Views of Anahí



Anahí is most likely Roman Catholic.

Political Views

She is liberal, and is an advocate for non-violence.

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Anahí, whose full name is Anahí Giovanna Puente Portilla, was born in Mexico City, Mexico.

My research on Anahí would be a little more thorough if I spoke Spanish, but from what I could tell, the actress doesn’t have a whole lot to say about religion. Most websites list her religion as Roman Catholic,[1] which would be expected considering she comes from a country that is over 80% Catholic.[2]

I couldn’t find any information confirming that, but it seems like a good bet to me. Some of the lyrics in her song “Te Puedo Escuchar” imply that she’s some sort of Christian, but not necessarily Catholic:

I know that your wings will stay with me/ That even from heaven, your embrace will be my shelter/ Divine angel, you protect me from all that is bad.[3]

Promoting Non-Violence

Anahí supports the Ecologist Green Party of Mexico (PVEM).[4] Considering she’s in a relationship with Manuel Velasco, a PVEM politician, that’s probably a good move on her part.[5]

She’s also a fan of Enrique Nieto, a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), whom she supported during his successful bid for the presidency in 2012.[6]

So I think we can safely say this actress and musician is left of the center.

She’s also an advocate for non-violence, and has joined the Non-Violence Project as a Latin American ambassador to the campaign.[7] She frequently uses Twitter to promote her work with the project and encourages her fans to join the movement:

Peace is the responsibility of all, join the campaign @NVPMexico[8]

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