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The Religion and Political Views of AnnaLynne McCord



McCord grew up in a devoted Christian home and still appears to hold to her faith, though it only comes out rarely.

Political Views

McCord is a Democrat with an axe to grind with politicians who might consider any type of rape "legitimate."


AnnaLynne McCord was born in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up in Buford, Georgia.

McCord appears to be a sort of quiet Christian. First of all, McCord's father is a Christian pastor (denomination unknown, though Baptist seems a reasonable assumption) and McCord grew up reading the Bible for two hours a day.[1]

For the most part, McCord seems preoccupied by her work and her political views (forthcoming, of course) and doesn't get too much into religion.

However, she visited Israel with a flock of fellow stars of the small screen, and during a debriefing interview, her Christian background–and emotions–came to the fore. She spoke of visiting historical Christian sites, returning to her hotel room and listening to a powerful song:

The lyrics talked about the scars in his hand and I was imagining Mary, his mother, and today being Mother's Day… and thinking about her and how she walked beside him… And I thought about myself. What if I was there? What would I be thinking and doing?… And then it just washed over me. I realized he did all of this for me, for us.[2]

That sounds like some serious devotion to me.

Politicizing rape

McCord is a Democrat. And she found herself an expert of sorts on an issue that took center stage during the 2012 elections–rape. McCord is a victim of rape herself,[3] and understandably found the rhetoric surrounding the issue to be quite offensive.

Consequently, and mostly via her Twitter feed, McCord kept up a sustained attack on Republicans during election season, particularly the ones who had commented on rape. For example, of Todd Akin, she said:

Republican, six-term Tea Party backed Missouri Congressman Todd Akin who, during a live television interview, when asked about his views on rape and abortion said: 'If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.'[4]

It's interesting, not an explicit condemnation, just the facts–as if they speak for themselves. We are asked to wonder: Legitimate rape? Is that a thing?

Naturally, she supported Obama. And when he won, she tweeted:

Omg!!!!! Aaaaaahhhhh!!!![5]

Not strikingly eloquent, but the point was made.

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