Ashley Benson

The Religion and Political Views of Ashley Benson



Benson is a Christian, but what denomination is up for debate.

Political Views

She supports gun control, so I suppose we'll call her a liberal.


Ashley Benson was born and raised in Anaheim Hills, California.

Benson is a Christian, and appears to be rather devout, although I have no clue on a denomination. Several sites claim she attended a 2,500-member church,[1] so maybe she comes from mega-church, evangelical ilk. Or maybe all these sites are just regurgitating some bad (unsourced) information from her Wikipedia page.

Regardless of all that, from what we know of her Twitter feed, she's a pretty serious Christian. First, like so many tweeters, she sends out prayers for the victims of national tragedies.[2] Then she's been known to retweet scripture when the mood takes her.[3] And finally, she posted this:

God is good.[4]

Simple enough, and certainly telling.

Pretty Little Guns

Benson appears to be a fan of the political process. She votes and she wants you to vote. She posted this on her Twitter feed on election day, 2012:

Don't forget to exercise your right & VOTE today. Be heard! Find your polling place here:[5]

She did not, however, endorse any candidate or political party.

The only partisan thing I found from Benson implies that she's liberal, but not necessarily a Democrat. She retweeted a poster which states, "Last year, handguns killed. . ." and then lists several first-world countries, none of whose deaths exceed double digits. The last one is the U.S., which lists 10,728 handgun-related deaths.[6] The tweet was in response to the tragic elementary school shooting in Connecticut in 2012.

Assuming her views on gun control are a reflection of her views on other issues, we'll call her a liberal. But if you have any tips for us on either her religious or political affiliations, please let us know in the comments.

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