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The Religion and Political Views of Ashton Kutcher



Kutcher was raised Catholic, but calls himslef "spiritual" while apparently studying Kabbalah.

Political Views

Kutcher is all over the map, calling himself "fiscally conservative" and "socially liberal."


Ashton Kutcher was born and raised in Ceder Rapids, Iowa in a Roman Catholic family.

Kutcher doesn't seem too keen on organized religion, however, and taking the classic celebrity "spirituality" route, he has said:

Spirituality is doing things and then seeing the results and then believing in them. I don't know that I've specifically changed that like, 'Oh, let me kneel four times and say this phrase 20 times and now my life will be better.' I don't buy that at all.[1]

In the midst of divorce rumors with his wife, Demi Moore, Kutcher came out in support of celebrity Judaism, Kabbalah. The media speculated that it was a tactic to divert attention from his flailing marriage. Still, Kutcher and Moore went as far as to take a pilgrimage to Israel and were seen at the celebrity hang-out, The Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles.[2]

Kutcher has said of Kabbalah:

I find the study of Jewish mysticism to be really interesting and a completely different world I never even knew existed…The meetings really set you on a positive path for the rest of the week.[3]

Dude, what about politics?

Politically, Kutcher isn't so quick to jump on the Hollywood bandwagon. He's definitely said some very liberal things, such as blaming offshore oil spills on the "Republican National Drill."[4]

Kutcher is an Obama supporter[5] but doesn't seem to support his healthcare plan, or universal healthcare in general, saying:

Frankly, I don't want to pay for the guy who's getting a triple-bypass because he's eating fast food all day and deep-fried snickers bars. I don't want to pay for him! Whether he's wealthy or he's not![6]

Wow, that's a very Republican, maybe even a libertarian, thing to say.

Back to liberalism: Kutcher has been a big supporter of gay rights and gay marriage, Tweeting support for his home state of Iowa for legalizing gay marriage and saying things like:

I have many gay friends and think they deserve equal rights.[7]

Then Kutcher turns around and, in classic conservative paranoia, discusses America's impending collapse and the need to be prepared with martial arts training and a missile defense program.[8]

How does he explain it? In his own words:

I am a fiscally conservative, socially liberal independent.[9]

Ah. That explains everything.

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