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Pro Limiting Immigration

Against Muslim Ban

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Pro Limiting Immigration

2 Aug 2017

In a tweet

I’m all for limiting legal immigration on the grounds that we don’t need people who will be likely to end up on welfare. But the economic “raising wages” argument is no better than the argument for minimum wage. Artificial attempts to limit the labor supply by regulation achieve their goal, but also make business less competitive. This leads to outsourcing and technological change that actually kills jobs in the medium-long term. So if you’re going to make the argument to limit legal immigration, do it on cultural and/or public cost grounds, not jobs grounds.

Against Muslim Ban

5 Jun 2017

In a tweet, in response to someone pointing out the constitution bans discrimination based on religion

True for citizens, but our First Amendment does not protect some dude on a Yemeni hilltop. [...] I oppose a Muslim ban, btw, but let's be exact about what's legal/not.

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