Big Sean

The Religion and Political Views of Big Sean



Big Sean likes to wear Jesus jewelry, but how dedicated a Christian he is remains to be seen.

Political Views

He's a Democrat and an Obama supporter.


Big Sean, whose real name is Sean Michael Anderson, was born in Santa Monica, California and grew up in Detroit, Michigan.

Big Sean loves Jesus, or at least he loves to buy Jesus paraphernalia. He has two big gold Jesus pieces that he likes to wear around.[1] Talking about how he modified one of the pieces, Big Sean says,

Yeah, I put a crown on him, just to let everyone know he's king.[2]

In his songs, he does a lot of thanking God,[3] but that doesn't tell us a lot. When he talks about Jesus, it has more to do with the gold around his neck than forgiving sins.[4] And when he talks about religion, he's talking about his jeans:

Atheists turn Christian when I rock my True Religions.[5]

So, in the end, Big Sean appears to like looking like a Christian more than he likes talking about it. Considering his public Christian persona revolves around showing off how much money has to spend on jewelry, I'm going to guess he's not sitting down each night reading the bible and asking God to forgive his sins.

One of the greatest presidents of all time

Big Sean's political views aren't just for show. He's ready to tell you all about why he thinks Barack Obama is a great president, and the Republicans are just messing things up. Talking about the election of 2010 in which Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, Sean says,

Now a lot of Republicans came back in the House, and they're shittin' on Barack Obama's ideas. . . and it's gonna make it way harder for him to do what he has to get done. And now everybody's gonna look at him like he wasn't a good president. I think he. . . has the potential to be one of the greatest presidents of all time.[6]

And he's ready to defend Obama against any waning enthusiasm he might have in poor black communities.

People sayin' he's doing such a bad job, especially from the hood. . . . They be niggas like. . . "Man, fuck this nigga! He said he was gonna get us some jobs!" And it's like, man, he also said that shit was gonna take ten years. . . . The unemployment rate is going way down. . . he is trying to make health care affordable and feasible. . .[7]

So I think it's safe to say Big Sean's a Democrat. Maybe the next step will be for him to pass up a piece of gold jewelry and donate to a campaign… or maybe he should just buy a big gold Obama head to go along with his Jesus.

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