Blake Lively
Political Affiliation

Blake Lively
Criticizes Trump

21 Apr 2017

There’s a lot that’s worrying me as a woman, as a mother and not just that but as a human being, as a human being who cares about other human beings, and our rights, and our liberties, and what we value and I feel very grateful on the other hand that we are all becoming so much more conscious and we’re becoming so much more involved and we’re becoming active and I feel like there’s an awakening that’s happened and so if I look for the silver lining that’s the awakening and we can’t just retweet things, we have to actually do something about it and I see that happening all around me and I see myself doing that and that’s powerful and if we want to change the world we have to do it ourselves and I think we are and I think we will.

Blake Lively said, in an interview with Variety about Trump administration

Blake Lively

Pro Vaccine

31 Mar 2021

Find you someone who looks at you like I look at the heroic nurse vaccinating me.

Blake Lively said, on her Instagram, with a picture of her getting vaccinated


Lively was brought up in a Southern Baptist household, but is not devout.

Lively is a liberal Democrat.


Blake Lively was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

Lively was raised a Southern Baptist. Even though Lively admits that her immediate family was not devout, she speaks of her childhood faith in such a way as to suggest that it still has an affect on how she conducts her life. At the very least, it's affected how she handles members of the opposite sex. She says:

I didn't have a boyfriend until I was 17. I grew up in a Southern Baptist family. It was more my grandparents. My mother is a Christian but it was just like she…It wasn't like they went to church all the time and were really strict but, you know, my mom was very much a good girl and I was raised [that way as well].[1]

What this indicates is that though the values of the Baptist religion were passed on in her family, Lively wasn't necessarily brought up to be religious. It makes sense, she doesn't express much religiosity other than to talk about her childhood.

A Lively bout of politics

Lively fits in well with many of her Hollywood counterparts, in that she is an Obama supporting Democrat. During Obama's 2008 presidential campaign, Lively filmed a political ad in support of his presidency via perhaps the most explicitly liberal organization in America– The video is hilarious. It's set up like an intervention, likening voting Republican to being a drug addict, with lines like:

Voting Republican even once can have disastrous effects that last for years.[2]

Lively herself wraps up the video with:

And if you're ever out somewhere and you're considering voting McCain, just call me. I'll pick you up, no questions asked.[3]

And on the liberal front, Lively is so far left, she's rooting for her kids to be gay so she can share her fashion sense with them, saying:

I hope to have a few girls one day. If not girls, they better be trannies. Because I have some amazing shoes and bags and stories that need to be appreciated.[4]

Lively took a lot of heat for that comment, naturally, but it certainly shows she's more than OK with gay people.

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