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Follows COVID Guidelines

Encourages Voting

30 Oct 2020

On her Instagram

Voting can be a precarious experience. Turns out some vote by mail ballots don’t show up to your home, like in my case this year! So, what did I do? I put on my mask, placed my voter guide in my handy dandy VOTE purse and drove my ass down to my local polling location to request a ballot and VOTED. It may not be as easy as we want it to be, but even a complicated journey to having your vote counted is a journey worth embarking on. Vote in person if you haven’t yet voted, or drop your mail in ballot at your local ballot box (don’t mail it now as it may not get there on time to be counted!). Your voice matters. Your vote is valid. And I am wishing you all the strength in fighting any battles on your vote 2020 journey! For more resources, visit and if you run into any problems voting or have questions call 866-OUR-VOTE

Women's Rights

Women's Rights Supporter

11 Apr 2019

At the Women in the World summit in New York

Money is actually something I’m very excited to talk about. It’s this thing that people think is super-icky—and that’s the trap. The trap is they make you feel icky about it, so that you don’t ask for what you deserve—because you know what that number is inside. […] When women talk to me about this, I say, ‘You know, don’t even do it for you, if that makes you feel weird right now. Do it for the women that are gonna come after you, Do it for the next one. Do it for the future you, because you are helping. And if that can give you a little bit more of a stir and a fight, then do it. We need you.


LGBTQ+ Supporter

11 Jun 2017

In a tweet

Happy #pridemonth !!! I’d like to dedicate this space to our friends from the LGBTQ community! Use the comments to speak about how you are feeling and what we can do to be a better ally. I’ve learned so much from your thoughtful comments before! It is very important to start our activism with listening - what a beautiful Sunday to practice that very thing. I’ll be moderating these comments(as usual). Hate will be reported. There’s no tolerance for it here #hatefreezone



3 Jun 2017

On her Instagram

Some friends and I managed to collect NINE bags of trash and a fricken tire in 40 minutes within a 400 foot zone on the beach. What are we doing people?? With so much talk about how our government is handling the future of a clean planet… I’d like to remind you that there are still small contributions YOU can make to be a leader of change. Call your senators, make your voice heard, but don’t stop there! Use the comments to share with us how you plan to help clean up our world. I’ll start: driving an electric car, starting a compost bin, diligently recycling, always choosing organic/local produce and avoiding plastic bottles. Your turn! We got this. And ps: our landscaping is all drought tolerant. I urge those in California to do they same!



29 Mar 2017

In a tweet

Every month I donate to Planned Parenthood. I #StandWithPP & the 2.5 million who rely on them. #PinkOut the internet!

Women's Rights

Women's Rights Supporter

4 Mar 2017

In a tweet, in response to a video compilation of the media shaming Michelle Obama for her body and eating habits

It doesn't matter what your politics are, we should all agree that this is abusive behavior, targeted at women and POC to suppress. #shame


LGBTQ+ Supporter

Criticizes Trump

22 Feb 2017

In a tweet, in response to news of Trump rolling back protections for transgender students

This is disgusting. This is unacceptable. I #StandWithGavin and every Trans person who deserve nothing less than protection and equality.

Women's Rights

Women's Rights Activist

21 Jan 2017

In a tweet at the Women's March

I'M EVERY WOMAN #WomensMarch



12 Nov 2016

In a tweet

Sorry to be the annoying “back seat historian” but aren’t all Americans immigrants? We originally came here from Europe. To be free.

Women's Rights

Supports #MeToo Movement

2 Nov 2016

In a tweet

NO ONE should receive death threats for speaking up about being sexually abused. #ibelieveyou
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