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30 Oct 2020

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Voting can be a precarious experience. Turns out some vote by mail ballots don’t show up to your home, like in my case this year! So, what did I do? I put on my mask, placed my voter guide in my handy dandy VOTE purse and drove my ass down to my local polling location to request a ballot and VOTED. It may not be as easy as we want it to be, but even a complicated journey to having your vote counted is a journey worth embarking on. Vote in person if you haven’t yet voted, or drop your mail in ballot at your local ballot box (don’t mail it now as it may not get there on time to be counted!). Your voice matters. Your vote is valid. And I am wishing you all the strength in fighting any battles on your vote 2020 journey! For more resources, visit and if you run into any problems voting or have questions call 866-OUR-VOTE

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