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Pro Expanded Voting Rights

17 Jan 2022

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Today, on his birthday, I’m wondering what Martin Luther King would think about our society’s progress with civil rights… I’m sensing he’d wear a grimace. Not a very happy birthday. The current drive by legislators in several states to restrict voting isn’t even subtle racism - it’s blatant. It reminded me of a quote by President Lyndon Johnson, that I learned when preparing to portray him in a Broadway play. LBJ was the architect of the voting rights act of 1965 that made it easier - not harder for all people to vote… and isn’t that what democracy means, encouraging all citizens to participate in their government? […] We’ve got a long way to go, but Dr. King was not one to give up, and neither should we. Have a nice day. Be kind. Stay well. BC #PassVotingRightsNow #MLK #MLKDAY

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