Bryan Cranston

Fact about the Race views of Bryan Cranston

Black Lives Matter Supporter

2 Jun 2020

On his Instagram

I make a good living using my imagination. But I can’t possibly imagine, with any real honesty, what it must be like for a black person living in America. Not just now, but throughout our country’s bruised history with racism. It’s not enough for white people to feel compassion for those who are mistreated. Outrage is needed. A demand for fundamental, systemic change is necessary. Not next year or next month, but NOW. My heart hurts by the bleeding of our collective souls, and I believe that is what happens when we abuse a person because of their beliefs or skin color. Martin Luther King said: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Bleeding can stop. Bruising does heal. It’ll take a tremendous, arduous, peaceful movement to make it happen - but it’ll be worth it. #blackoutuesday

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