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Political Affiliations

Praises Obama

13 Jul 2016

In an interview with Larry King

I think what President Obama has shown is actually very presidential in the sense that he shows restraint and he engages in diplomacy and caution and he’s introspective and he is mature and you meet him in person he is engaging and funny and bright and presidential.

Political Affiliations

Supports Hillary

Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative

10 Nov 2015

In an interview with POLITICO

I’m invested and interested in Clinton. … I’m excited to see what she can bring to her platform. I’m excited to see what she can evolve to and hopefully does not get pushed too far left. [...] I think she more closely represents what I’m interested in from a social aspect. I would like to see her get more closer to the middle, and even to — possibly even to the right of middle, when it comes to financial aspects of her proposals. I personally feel that I’m a social liberal but a fiscal, I wouldn’t say conservative, but definitely leaning on that side. Because I don’t run my house that way, I don’t pay for something that I can’t afford and I don’t think the country should either.


Pro Weed Legalization

11 Oct 2015

In an interview with POLITICO

Even though I don’t use marijuana, it will put me right to sleep the times I have. I think it should be legalized. I think it should be control legalized and set up from a state by state decision.

Climate Change

Climate Change Believer

24 Jul 2015

In a tweet

97% of scientists agree, humans are significant contributors to climate change. It’s real. To deny this is radical. It’s time. #ActOnClimate


LGBTQ+ Activist

12 Jul 2012

In a video for the Human Rights Campaign

Gay and lesbian couples should have every right to experience the joys of marriage and family that we do.
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