Calvin Harris

The Religion and Political Views of Calvin Harris


Calvin Harris, whose real name is Adam Wiles, was born and raised in Dumfries, Scotland.

Harris is non-religious as far as I could tell. He doesn't appear to talk about religion at all except some odd tweets about Catholics. In one he states that he has "passed a 'catholic supplies' store."[1] I'm not exactly sure what kind of a commentary he's making there, except that maybe he finds it odd enough to warrant a tweet.

And in another one, he could be making more of a comment on breakfast quality than on any religious figure:

Saw Pope Benedict XVI checking into the Glasgow Marriott he must like the all you can eat breakfast buffet there, best in the world[2]

It seems reasonable that Harris would be Catholic considering 16% of the Scottish population adhered to that faith as of 2001.[3] But I think it's more likely that he was exposed to Catholicism in his youth either through his family or school, but is mostly non-religious now. Know any different? Let us know in the comments.

As with religion, all we have on Harris' politics is one weird tweet that doesn't really help us out at all. The only even remotely political thing I could find from Harris:

Fantastic pictures of David Cameron doing a mexican wave + giving Prince Harry a high five in the paper today[4]

Maybe that means he has a soft spot for the Royals and the Conservatives? Or maybe he was commenting on the media's tendency to cover meaningless stories? Who knows. But my guess is that he's not very political either.

What do you think of this?

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