Cara Delevigne

The Religion and Political Views of Cara Delevigne

👇 Below is evidence of Cara Delevigne's politics and beliefs.

Climate Change

Climate Change Activist

23 Sep 2021

Cara Delevigne signed an open letter asking Congress to pass President Biden’s Build Back Better Bill.

Women's Rights

Possibly Feminist

14 Sep 2021

Cara Delevingne wore a skin-baring vest and matching white tailored suit by Dior with the phrase, “Peg the patriarchy,” embroidered across her chest in all caps.

Gun Control

Pro-Gun Control

20 Feb 2018

On her Instagram, sharing an image from a pro-gun control speech

Go to the link in my bio and watch this beyond incredible woman who survived the mass shooting in Florida speak her mind #wemuststandtogether #emmaforpresident #EMMA #MYHERO
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