Chris Hemsworth

The Religion and Political Views of Chris Hemsworth


Chris Hemsworth was born in Melbourne, Australia and was raised in Bulman, Australia.

There's no evidence that Hemsworth is a spiritual person, and he doesn't talk about his religious past, if he had any.

He mentioned in an interview that he found inspiration for his eponymous character in the movie Thor from Herman Hesse's book Siddhartha. He said the book, which is a Buddhist meditation on one man's spiritual journey, was "certainly one of my favorite books."[1] I didn't find any evidence that he meditates on a regular basis or that he practices Buddhism, but he seems to respect it.

About his political beliefs, I could find absolutely zero information. He doesn't seem to engage in the politics of his home country or that of Hollywood. I would venture to guess that means he's not incredibly passionate about politics, but he could just be quietly opinionated. Regardless, we've got nothing with which to enlighten you here.

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