Chris Pratt

The Religion and Political Views of Chris Pratt



He’s definitely Christian that’s why they try to cancel him for it

Political Views

He’s Apolitical he don’t care about Trump and don’t care about Biden

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Encourages Voting

6 Nov 2012

In a tweet

Tomorrow I cast my vote. Hope u do too. EITHER WAY, whoever wins will get my respect and allegiance. The U stands for united. #USA


Donates to Democrats

Supports Obama

24 Jul 2012

Chris Pratt donated over $1,000 to Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign.


Against Universal Healthcare

28 Mar 2012

In a tweet

Free health care for the fattest country in the world! Also, free butter!

The Media

Criticizes Media

3 Mar 2012

In a tweet

Anyone know where I can get incessant 24 hour coverage of the republican primary on a loop? Oh, any channel on tv? Thanks!
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