Chris Tucker

The Religion and Political Views of Chris Tucker



Tucker is a born-again Christian.

Political Views

Tucker is a Democrat, though his political energies mostly go toward humanitarian efforts in Africa.


Chris Tucker was born in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up in Decatur, Georgia.

There's very little specific information on Tucker's religious views, either now or during his childhood. He once said, in reference to drug use, that his mother raised him to not allow anything to control him,[1] indicating some sort of moral upbringing.

We do know that in 1997, after the filming of Money Talks, Tucker became a devout born-again Christian.[2] However, the circumstances or details of his conversion (or what he converted from) remain a mystery.

In 2005, Tucker was pulled over for going 109 mph and attempting to allude law enforcement in Georgia. His excuse? He was late for church.[3] If that's true, it means that Tucker certainly takes church very seriously.

His religious views have interfered with his career to some degree. His co-star and creator of the Friday film series, Ice Cube, expressed concern that Tucker's religion may prevent him from making a returning appearance in the 2nd and 3rd installments of the series.[4] Ultimately, Tucker did not return to the series, though it's uncertain if the reasons were religious in nature.

A fan of diversity

Tucker isn't all that political in the traditional sense. We know that he did vote for Obama in 2008, despite being a personal friend of the Clintons.[5] (You know, because Hillary ran against Obama in the 2008 primaries.) When asked about his reasons, he said:

Obama was going to another charity event in L.A. and me and him shared a car together. I didn't know he was going to be president! He signed a book for me, and we talked about basketball … and chicken. No, I'm kidding about the chicken. But that's why I ended up voting for him cause I knew he was a good guy.[6]

However, Tucker is a humanitarian and avid traveler to Africa. He's made numerous charitable trips to poor African communities.[7] He said:

You know, we're missing so much as African-Americans and we should be concerned about what's going on in Africa.[8]

That doesn't mean Tucker isn't excited about a black man in office, or any minority for that matter:

This country is just that great that the opportunities are there for a Hispanic president, a black president or any other race for a president, yes.[9]

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