Christina Perri

The Religion and Political Views of Christina Perri



Perri was raised Catholic, but seems to have a broader spirituality these days.

Political Views

She's a Democrat and a big Obama supporter.


Christina Perri was born and raised in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.

Perri went to Catholic schools growing up and considering her Italian heritage,[1] it seems pretty likely she came from a Catholic home as well. And considering I couldn't find any specific professions of faith from the musician, it doesn't seem like she's a practicing Catholic anymore.

We may not have many words from Perri about her religious leanings, but we've got a lot of ink to help us out. Of the over 50 tattoos scattered about Perri's skin, three of them give us clues to her spirituality.

First, there's the iconic image from Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam" of God's finger touching that of Adam, giving him the spark of life, emphasizing her Catholic background. Then there's the "Nothing Is Random" saying on her wrist, implying belief in fate or a divine plan. And finally, there's the word "Karma" that descends down her side, which doesn't help us much with congruity.[2]

So besides a random picture of her not-very-seriously meditating[3] and her tweets of "love and prayers"[4] that's all we've got. My impression of Perri is that she doesn't follow any particular religion, but takes elements of several faith traditions and melds it into her own personal spirituality.

Jar of Obama Tweets

Perri is a proud supporter of Barack Obama and contributed her fair share of tweets during his re-election campaign in 2012. A few days before the election she tweeted,

Let's face it, Obama is definitely a better drummer than Romney. #gotmyvote[5]

And a few months before that, she showed her support for both the president and the gay rights movement by cheering Obama's declaration of support for same-sex marriage.[6]

We don't have much else than that on Perri's political beliefs, but judging from her unabashed support of Obama, I'm going to assume until further notice that she's a Democrat. Maybe her next tattoo will be an Obama head on her calf. Keep us updated in the comments.

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