Christopher Eccleston


3 Apr 2005

I'm an atheist. My mother is very religious, a churchgoer. She would often encourage me to go to church as well, but never forced it upon me, which I thought was quite decent of her. [...] There was no defining moment in which I decided there was no god for me, it was more of a growing process. I do feel that whatever religious beliefs I had as a child were foisted upon me. It's like when you ask where Grandma went when she died, and you'd be told that she went to heaven. I wouldn't necessarily view that as a bad thing, but it was stuff like that which I think hindered my intellectual development. Now that I've grown, I prefer a different interpretation.

Christopher Eccleston said, during "The Heaven and Earth Show", BBC1

Christopher Eccleston
Political Affiliation

Please use your vote on May 6th to help Andy finish the job he started.

Christopher Eccleston said, in a video for the Labour Party

Due to student debt, we are being excluded. It’s always been a policy of the Conservative government and party to destroy working class identity. [...] It’s a policy to exclude the working classes educating themselves, and realising the corruption that goes right up to the top of the Conservative Party.

Christopher Eccleston said, in an interview with iINews

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