Cody Simpson

The Religion and Political Views of Cody Simpson


Cody Simpson was born in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. He moved to Los Angeles with his family when he was thirteen to pursue his music career.

Simpson is definitely a Christian, but what denomination remains a mystery. There is a healthy Catholic population in his home state in Australia,[1] but there's no indication that he is Catholic. Regardless of the specifics, he sure seems to pray a lot. He prays before shows,[2] he prayed for Japan after the earthquake and tsunami in 2011,[3] and even wears shirts imploring others to "Pray for Snow."[4]

So, it's fairly obvious that Simpson is devout, but to what remains a mystery. One would assume it's to a Christian God he prays, but until he gets a little older and starts answering some hard questions about spirituality and life, it'll remain a mystery.

The fifteen-year-old also doesn't have a lot to say about politics, but he gets a little giddy talking about meeting President Obama.

We got to meet the President and so that was pretty much the highlight of the tour right now… It was like the first time I had been truly like starstruck by meeting someone… I met his daughters and all that kind of stuff. They wanted like t-shirts of me. And I'm like, wow.[5]

As a barely-pubescent teen, it's probably fair to say that Cody Simpson hasn't quite defined himself politically yet. He's obviously an Obama fan, but that definitely doesn't necessarily mean that he has a lot of opinions on his policies, or anyone's policies for that matter. He's just floating along on the teen stardom cloud for now.

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