David Oyelowo

Believes in God

24 Sep 2015

Once I started opening my mind up to just how desirous God is for me to enter into the calling he has for me, I was able to just look beyond what I had seen for myself.

David Oyelowo said, in an interview with Religious News Service

I was raised Baptist. My parents are both Baptists but having become born again at the age of 16, I gravitated toward nondenominational churches just as a personal preference, not for any sort of grand reason. So I describe myself as a born-again Christian and my family and I, my wife and my kids, happen to go to a nondenominational church. For me, Jesus is my denomination.

David Oyelowo said, in an interview with The Washington Post

I stand before you today as evidence that what God starts, He will finish. On the 24th of July, 2007, having read a script for ‘Selma,’ God told me I would play Dr. Martin Luther King in the film ‘Selma.’ It came during a time of prayer and fasting, and I know the voice of God.

David Oyelowo said, during the Martin Luther King, Jr. Annual Commemorative Service

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