Debra Messing

Fact about the Healthcare views of Debra Messing

Supports Universal Healthcare

Supports Biden


2 Mar 2020

On her Instagram

I AM FOR JOE BIDEN. ‬ ‪Here’s why: -Joe is a UNIFIER -SC shows that the African American community, which has always been the :heart: and soul of the Dem Party, trusts Joe. -Joe has NEVER voted to protect gun manufacturers instead of our children. ‪-Joe believes in science.‬ ‪-‬Joe’s health care plan builds on Obamacare with an affordable public option. ‪-Biden will passionately campaign for Democratic candidates running for Senate/MOC AND I believe with Biden our down ballot Dems will be most protected. ‬@JoeBiden #weknowjoe To be CLEAR: I am BLUE for no matter who wins the nomination. I will campaign my heart out to elect the Dem nominee. :us:
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