Demi Lovato

What are the Political Affiliations of Demi Lovato


Supports Biden


Criticizes Trump


Supports Hillary

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Supports Biden

7 Nov 2020

In a tweet

Our 46th president, @joebiden. I’ve been waiting to post this photo because I knew deep down you would be our next President. Today we celebrate the millions of Americans who overcame barriers to the ballot box, mobilized their communities and voted in record breaking numbers.

Criticizes Trump

15 Aug 2017

In a tweet, in response to Trump’s Charlottesville press conference

My heart continues to break the more I watch the news. The hate was one sided and it hurts for people to say otherwise. So much for facts. It also saddens me to watch as people refuse to say anything on this matter. Regardless of what political party you are for, you can’t deny that what is going on is WRONG. And if you are an American not using your voice to stand up for what is right, you are wrong too. I’d rather lose fans and stand up for what I believe in rather than be a bystander. #sorrynotfuckingsorry. Also you cannot classify a nazi as a ‘very fine person.

Climate Change Believer



Supports Hillary

Social Justice Supporter

8 Nov 2016

In a tweet, declaring her vote for Hillary Clinton

#IVotedBecause I believe in equality, we need comprehensive immigration reform, I am pro-choice and global warming IS real. #ImWithHer

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