Dianna Agron

The Religion and Political Views of Dianna Agron



Agron is Jewish.

Political Views

Agron is a liberal Democrat.


Dianna Agron was born Savannah, Georgia and grew up between San Antonio, Texas and San Francisco, California.

Agron is Jewish. Her father is a lifelong Jew and her mother converted. Agron attended Hebrew school for a time and had a Bat Mitzvah.[1]

She isn't averse to talking about her heritage and has even cracked a joke or two about the fact that she is out of her element playing a Bible-reciting, cross-bearing Christian on her show, Glee!.[2]

Agron has talked about being persecuted during high school, using her experiences to relate to the gay community. She once said:

There are words and names that one might hear that would be far worse than, 'latke girl!' I cannot imagine the strength it requires to endure the constant torture one might be subject to [as a young gay person].[3]

Gleeful politics

Agron is quite liberal politically. Her favorite causes are animal rights and gay rights.

Agron is a vegetarian,[4] a supporter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and was even nominated the 2010 "Sexiest Vegetarian" by that organization.[5]

But she's much more outspoken about her concern for the gay community. She once wrote:

Sadly, we've gotten letters from people who explain that they love the show but hate the gay story-lines. That we shouldn't be polluting their children's heads. To this I'd sometimes like to sarcastically reply, 'Would you also like us to tell them that a stork is dropping off our offspring? That the sky is purple? That it is not practical to be true to yourself..?"[6]

Agron even met once with President Obama as a supporter of Obama's "Young America Effort." She later tweeted:

Maybe the only man I truly get nervous around. Worth the early wake-up call.[7]

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