Don Omar

The Religion and Political Views of Don Omar



Don Omar was a preacher in the Protestant church during his youth, but left supposedly disillusioned.

Political Views

He is an Obama supporter and Democrat.


Don Omar, born William Omar Landrón Rivera, grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

From Preacher to Pop Star

His strong relationship with Protestantism began early. He was a preacher in his youth, which many credit as the start of his performance career.[1] But despite this early beginning, Omar left the church after four years of preaching to pursue his music career.

Several biographies of the reggaeton artist claim that Omar left disillusioned with the church, and site the song, "Aunque Te Fuiste (And Then You Left)" as documentation of the break.[2] The song isn't explicitly about the church, but the lyrics lament the loss of a loved one, which could plausibly be his childhood faith.

I'll let your remembrance caress me/and even if I don't see again/the lips I adored/I'll let your scent inspire me.[3]

As the lyrics of "Aunque Te Fuiste" suggest, he doesn't seem to have left the Protestant religion entirely. Or at least religious imagery shows up in the lyrics to some of his songs. In the song, "Angelito," Omar seems to be lamenting the loss of innocence of a young woman with the metaphor of little angel going to heaven.

At dawn she was under the wings of death/Those man's arms hold her tight/her soul still beats, does not feel her heart/At dawn she was under the wings of death/and fly, fly, fly.[4]

We Can Win With Obama

Omar was an outspoken supporter of Obama in the 2008 campaign, even as early as the Democratic primaries in Puerto Rico.[5] He also joined several other celebrities in a video called "We Can Win With Obama."[6] His support for Obama in his second presidential election is muted, although he is most likely still a fan.

The only entry that shows up on Omar's federal campaign contributions report is a $500 donation in 1992 to a Democrat from Puerto Rico for his unsuccessful bid for Congress.[7] So even though he hasn't thrown much money at the party, we can be pretty confident Omar is solidly a Democrat.

Political candidates aren't the only thing Omar puts his name behind. He created an organization in 2004 called the Treasure Kids Fund that is dedicated to helping autistic children.[8] He's also helped raise money for other various causes from relief for Haitian earthquake victims to building an orphanage in the Dominican Republic.[9]

Regardless of the reasons for his break from the Protestant church of his youth, the singer is still living a life of service to his community of which the church would likely approve.

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