Drake Bell

The Religion and Political Views of Drake Bell



Drake Bell is non-religious.

Political Views

He's a Democrat, but not particularly enthusiastic.


Jared Drake Bell, better known as just Drake Bell, was born and raised in Santa Ana, California.

The internet really seems to think Bell is a born-again Christian,[1] well except for the occasional Jewish label, which is pretty typical of any celebrity ever.[2] Some even go so far as to say that he wasn't a believer until he went to church with his religious mother, and then he became "born again."[3]

Trouble is, I couldn't find any evidence to back up those claims. The closest I got to any religious affiliation was the fact that he performed some Christmas songs at an event in Los Angeles.[4] And that's not exactly a devout profession of faith. Even his song "Don't Preach" is entirely secular.[5]

So despite the rumors, I think we'll have to call this young actor non-religious for the time being.

Lukewarm for Obama

Drake Bell appears to be a lukewarm Democrat. He gave a possibly slightly drunk endorsement of Obama outside a bar in L.A. prior to the 2012 presidential election.[6] And then after the election, when asked what he thought about the outcome, he said,

It's cool I guess, yeah.[7]

And then on his Twitter feed,[8] he retweeted a link to this article which criticizes the far-right element of the Republican party.

In terms of non-controversial pseudo-political involvement, Bell is a spokesman for the Thirst Project which aims to increase access to clean drinking water to communities across the globe.[9]

So we'll tentatively call Bell a Democrat for now, although I suspect there's some opinions beneath the surface that he hasn't let out yet. As soon as he starts getting involved in the political debate, let us know in the comments!

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