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Women's Rights Activist

Encourages Voting

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Drew Barrymore / Religion


2 Dec 2020

I’m a shiksa. I do the seders and we do Passover. I haven’t converted yet, [but] Olive will be raised traditionally. We had a very traditional wedding ceremony with Rabbi Rubenstein and I did the ketubah. We wore the yarmulkes and we did the chuppah. […] I’m there, I love it! It’s a beautiful faith and I’m so honored to be around it. It’s so family-oriented … The stories are so beautiful and it’s incredibly enlightening. I’m really happy.

Drew Barrymore said, in an interview on The View

Drew Barrymore / Political Affiliation

Drew Barrymore

Supports Hillary

11 Oct 2016

Thank you !!! (And yes! These are my little [angels] meeting the first woman we got to go and vote for!) #girlsrule.

Drew Barrymore said, in a social media post with a picture of her daughters meeting Hillary Clinton

Drew Barrymore / Elections

Drew Barrymore

Encourages Voting

4 Nov 2016

Whoever gets elected affects everything. You really do convince yourself that, where you shop, the air you breathe, the way you sleep, that all these things aren’t affected by voting and they absolutely are. There’s so much at stake with global affairs, the Supreme Court, environmental issues. Your vote counts the most in this election because nothing is a guarantee. Not your state, the way it swings. Not your candidate, nothing. Everything is completely intangible right now. So I feel like, instead of it being the vitriol, it’s empowering. This is the most every vote counts.

Drew Barrymore said, in an interview with CNN

Drew Barrymore / Feminism

Drew Barrymore

Possibly Criticizes Feminism

10 Jan 2019

I was a bit scared of feminism when I was younger because of all the male bashing. And there are a lot of women’s movements now that I’m apprehensive about, because I don’t want to be viscerally angry at men. I love men. I like keeping both sides in mind. I avoid anything political, where I sense too much anger. It’s just not the way I find messaging to be truly empowering […] I definitely have a ferociousness. And I’ve always had it. I completely rebel against authority. Scrappy. I am very scrappy.

Drew Barrymore said, in an interview with Glamour

Drew Barrymore / LGBTQ+

Drew Barrymore

Possibly LGBTQ+ Supporter

17 Apr 2010

The thing that means the most to me about an evening like this or why I want to fight and and be outspoken about this is because there are so many people who are in desperate need of family. So whatever government we have to overcome whatever adversity people have to overcome, to create these families and have the legal things be out of the way so that love can exist and people can be taken care of by one another then is the most important thing in the world that we take care of each other. So I am honored to be here this evening because this is a family.

Drew Barrymore said, in her speech while accepting the Vanguard Award at the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards

Drew Barrymore

LGBTQ+ Activist

27 May 2009

So much of who I am has been defined by gay people. I didn’t have a traditional family growing up but the love and support and friendship, and humor. Everything that I am is because of these people. You cannot put a barricade in their way. You can’t define love and you can’t define a family. It comes in so many radical colors. So please, please overturn this.

Drew Barrymore said, on a protest for gay rights in Santa Monica Boulevard

Drew Barrymore / Women's Rights

Drew Barrymore

Women's Rights Supporter

20 Mar 2018

I think it’s phenomenal and overdue and wonderful. The only thing I ever have a personal thing about is tone. I don’t want anything to have a tone of anger.… I’ve never been an angry person and I never expected people to hand me anything and I never expected them to believe in me. I had to create enough homework and data to show and prove to them. So, I want—I hope—for people that they won’t do it with anger and expectation, because what you really have to do is prove that you are capable, and what this important time is about is those doors opening. It was in the era of that Hollywood power-suit woman—women were becoming heads of studios, but they were almost trying to be men about it, and we were like, ‘We’re just girls, but here’s how we would make Charlie’s Angels.’ And we would show and make clip reels and prove ourselves, and we would leave no doubt or favors to be asked. And I think it’s important for women to work hard at their dreams and to do it without anger, and I know this is a taboo thing to say in this time because it’s ignited by anger.… But I can assure you that if you have the abilities and you stay positive and you don’t expect things to be handed to you, but you really work towards them, all the greatness will come. Because I was never treated like a little girl who couldn’t do it.… I say, take the positive and capable approach and be tireless about it. Never, ever stop working.

Drew Barrymore said, in an interview with The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, talking about the #MeToo movement

Women's Rights Activist

21 Jan 2017

I love women. I live for my two daughters. And I am full of pride and unity with all women today.

Drew Barrymore said, on her Instagram, joining anti-Trump Women’s March


She's spiritual, meditates, and believes people are fields of energy.

She's a Democrat, and is especially dedicated to gay rights.


Drew Barrymore was born and raised in Culver City, California.

Just be positive, man

She appears to have some Christian influence in her life considering the big cross she has tattooed on her leg and two more tattoos of cherubs.[1] But she doesn't talk about her spirituality in terms of Christianity. It's more of a vague, energy-based hippie situation. For her, it's all about being positive.

I believe that we are all fields of energy and you have the choice whether to be a positive or negative field of energy. I know that sounds hippie-ish but it's what I believe fundamentally. So you could be a bag of toxicity, or you could be a happy, good person that spreads joy. I believe in spreading joy.[2]

After she took a trip to India, she got even more in touch with her spiritual side and started meditating daily. She even took to writing "breathe" on her arm to remember to keep her busy Hollywood life in perspective.[3]

But rumor has it she could be converting to Judaism–or already has.[4] Barrymore got married in 2012 to Will Kopelman in a Jewish ceremony.[5] And now that she is pregnant, if the couple wants their baby to be Jewish, mama Barrymore is going to have to convert.

The Best Place to Start

Drew Barrymore is committed to getting out the vote, no matter who you're voting for. She made her debut as a director with The Best Place to Start, a documentary about how the youth vote could impact the 2004 presidential election.[6] And she has continued to promote it every four years during each presidential race since.[7]

I'm, like, the worst at standing on any political soapbox, but the one thing I've fallen on the sword for is voting.[8]

Barrymore might think she's no good at the political soapbox, but she'll still stand on it. Like many of her compadres in Hollywood, Barrymore is a tried and true Democrat. She doesn't just support Obama, she gets emotional.

When I heard him speak about a gay person never having to sit outside the hospital room with their loved one sick inside, I burst into tears because so many people I care about are homosexual and it was profound to have someone be sensitive to that. That's the kind of world I want to live in, where we're not holding our own principles in judgment above someone or against someone.[9]

Barrymore is obviously seriously committed to gay rights. She attended protest rallies against Prop 8, a California ballot measure that made gay marriage illegal.[10]

Among many other causes she supports,[11] she is a big advocate for animal rights, once refusing to wear fur on a cover shoot with Vogue magazine.[12] She's received a lot of heat recently from her former PETA-loving fans for now eating meat and sometimes wearing leather.[13] Not that it's unusual for PETA to be outraged.

Drew Barrymore's religious and political beliefs both seem to revolve around one theme: a big heart. She's got a lot of love to give–especially to Obama, gay people, and animals.

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