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Supports Biden

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27 Sep 2020

In a conversation with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris posted in his own Youtube Channel, Dwayne Johnson said

Let’s kick this conversation off this way, by me officially, publically endorsing you both to become President and Vice-President of our great coutry.

Johnson is a Christian and has indicated that he is at least somewhat religious.

Johnson is a Republican, but has supported non-partisan political organizations and most of his donations go to educational institutions. He's a moderate and has expressed an interest in a political career.


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was born in Hayward, California and grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, Honolulu, Hawaii, and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Johnson hasn't spoken much about his religious views, though his MySpace page indicates that he is "Christian-other."[1] Johnson has not indicated which denomination, if any, he subscribes to.

He was once cornered by an obviously religious reporter, who wouldn't let him deflect her religious inquiries. While Johnson was crediting God to getting him through the uncertain times in his life and his career, the reporter was asking, among other things, "What do you do spiritually in life to develop your soul and what does God actually mean to you?" To which Johnson replied:

I have my own special relationship with God… I feel very blessed, I count my blessings every day.[2]

It sort of seems like a stock answer, something publicists and PR professionals tell their clients to say in the event of a religious line of questioning. He once said:

To a degree, all of my promos are scripted…[3]

Still, this does indicate that Johnson is at least somewhat religious.

Rock-solid politics

Johnson is politically ambiguous, having registered as an Independent at least once.[4]  But he performed at the 2000 Republican National Convention in 2000[5] but attended the Democratic National Convention the same year.[6]

However, Johnson has been part of a wrestling-derived organization designed to increase voter turnout regardless of any partisan ideology. It's called the Smackdown Your Vote![7] So maybe partisanship is not that important to Johnson.

His financial contributions to society have been rather neutral and educational in nature, including a cool $1 million to the University of Miami[8] and $1,000 to the Valley Education Fund in Sherman Oaks, California.[9] All things considered, Johnson seems rather moderate in his views.

He has expressed a desire to possibly pursue a career in politics and is a confirmed friend of actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger.[10] He once said:

I wouldn't rule [a political career] out. I think in order for politicians to be successful, you have to be passionate about politics. I care about our country, but right now I can make impact in other ways.[11]

Hey, Jesse Ventura did it, and he's awesome.

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