Elijah Wood

The Religion and Political Views of Elijah Wood



Wood is a Catholic, but we're not sure how devout.

Political Views

Wood is a liberal and slightly radical.


Elijah Wood was born and raised in Ceder Rapids, Iowa.

Wood was raised a Catholic.[1] But we get the feeling it wasn't an overwhelming, guilt-ridden Catholic upbringing like, say, the one Carlos Santana describes. He once said:

I was raised Catholic. Well, not that my mother wanted to make a priest out of me or anything. You could call me a Catholic light.[2]

There's rumor that Wood is quite devout as an adult, even reports that he prays every night.[3] But I was unable to confirm that and given the fact that there's very little about Catholicism–or any religion for that matter–from Wood himself, it's a safe bet that he's either not religious or he keeps it to himself.

Elven politics

Woods is clearly a liberal–and not in the "I'm a Hollywood star doing what all of the other Hollywood stars are doing" sort of way. And he might even be a bit of a populist and slightly radical.

He's never endorsed Obama that I can see, but he did hop on Twitter to applaud the president for his stance on gay marriage, saying:

Obama announces support for same-sex marriage. Well said, sir. Equality is the key word.[4]

Plus, he supports the legalization of marijuana. Even though he's not a pot smoker himself, Wood said:

I think the whole notion that marijuana is illegal is past the point of ridiculousness.[5]

More telling is Wood's stance on government and his support for the Occupy Wall Street movement. He was a promoter for a coalition called the 99 Percent Spring which brought together a wide range of groups to train and educate tens of thousands of people to be more effective agitators. It wasn't much of a success, apparently, and most Occupiers didn't back the project.[6]

Still, Woods showed his share of solidarity. Stating his stance on public protests and political statements in general, Woods said:

I always think it is important to question even your government, especially your government actually.[7]

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