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Pro Nuclear Power

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1 Jun 2022


In a tweet

We are trying to accelerate sustainable energy, so what matters is how much someone can contribute to that goal. Personal choices are your own and are respected.

Pro Nuclear Power

8 Apr 2022


In an interview with Insider News

I want to be super clear in my opinion Germany should not only not shut down the nuclear power plants it should reopen the ones that shutdown…It’s crazy to shutdown nuclear powerplants, especially in a place where there’s not natural disasters.
Elon Musk

Pro Nuclear Power

29 Sep 2021


During the Code Conference in Beverly Hills, California, about powering electric cars.

I’m also kind of pro-nuclear. And I’m sort of surprised by the public sentiment against nuclear. I’m not saying we should go build a whole bunch of new nuclear plants. But I don’t think we should shut down ones that are operating safely. They did this in Germany and had to create a whole bunch of coal power plants, and I don’t think that was the right decision, frankly.

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