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The Religion and Political Views of Emily Browning



Rumor has it that Emily Browning is an atheist, but more likely she's non-religious with a vaguely Christian background.

Political Views

Her criticism of the Motion Picture Association's film rating system makes her sound like a liberal feminist.


Emily Browning was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.

We don't have much on Browning's religious preferences, but here's what we do have. First of all, her not confirmed, but possibly official Myspace page lists her religion as "Atheist."[1] The reason it seems a little fishy to me is because being an atheist is enough off the beaten path that you would think someone would have asked her about it by now, but I couldn't find a word. And if she doesn't care to talk about it, then why put it on her Myspace page?

Then there's her Twitter feed. She sent out a Merry Christmas tweet in 2012,[2] which suggests a vaguely Christian background as would be expected of an Australian girl. Plus she sent out prayers on the day of the Newtown, Connecticut elementary school shooting,[3] and on September 11 of the same year.[4] Sending out prayers isn't a very atheist thing to do.

So while Australia is a predominantly Christian country, about a quarter of the population considers itself non-religious,[5] and I'm guessing that's where Browning stands: some Christian influence, mostly non-religious, and probably not an atheist.

Sleeping Liberal Politics

Browning isn't deeply involved in politics, but she seems outspoken enough to have an opinion. Unfortunately I just couldn't find much.

The only political opinion I could pull from her was about censorship in Hollywood and the film rating system in the U.S. Referring to a scene in her movie Sucker Punch in which her character is particularly enjoying an intimate moment with another character, she said,

I had a very tame and mild love scene with Jon Hamm. It was like heavy breathing and making out. It was hardly a sex scene. . . . Well, the MPAA [Motion Picture Association of America] doesn't like that. They don't think a girl should ever be in control of her own sexuality because they're from the Stone Age.[6]

She went on to say that the director had to cut the scene down to make it appear as though her character was enjoying it less so they could get a PG-13 rating, which ruined the scene, and eventually it was completely cut. Browning was pissed and said she's happy to be vocal about how the rating system unfairly demeans women when dictating acceptable content in movies.[7]

Her comments spoke to feminism and sexual liberation, and also to the typically liberal crusade against artistic censorship. So she's both opinionated and liberal. My guess is that we'll hear more from her in the future. You'll keep us updated, won't you?

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