Emily Osment

The Religion and Political Views of Emily Osment



Osment is a Catholic.

Political Views

Osment appears to lean toward the Democrats, but it's all very vague.


Emily Osment was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

At least two sources corroborate that Osment was raised a Catholic,[1] but she hasn't said anything about Catholicism specifically that I can find.

However, without explaining why, Osment has expressed how important it is to have faith–in something, anything! She said:

Faith is… very important whether it be any religion or any type of embodiment that you believe in. I feel like just having faith in anything is important, having something to hold on to.[2]

What if you have faith in burritos? Is that important?

Some of Osment's music, particularly songs like "Gotta Believe in Something," validate this view, as she sings, you… gotta believe in something.[3]

As interesting as this might be, it doesn't illuminate much about Osment's beliefs–other than that she is certainly not a nihilist. Let us know in the comments if you know anything.

Twitter politics

Osment's political views are vague and everything we might be able to deduce comes from her Twitter feed. Even so, all it indicates is that Osment is aware of the political climate and it doesn't necessarily betray any sort of ideology. That being said, I think she's an Obama supporter. When he won reelection in 2012, Osment, who must have been at acting class at the time, tweeted:

Scene. OBAMA. Scene. OBAMA. Scene. WINE!!! PARTYYYYY OBAMA. Scene. #actingclass[4]

She did retweet an Obama message encouraging people to get registered to vote as well.[5] On the other hand, Osment felt a bit slighted when Obama didn't return her greeting–and expressed reservations about him:

Obama didn't wave back at me through the TV….I don't know about this guy….[6]

Maybe it's all a big joke to Osment…

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