Emily VanCamp

The Religion and Political Views of Emily VanCamp



VanCamp appears to be a Catholic, but we only have secondary sources to indicate that.

Political Views

VanCamp is a liberal, through and through.


Emily VanCamp was born in Port Perry, Ontrario, Canada and was raised there and in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

VanCamp hasn't spoken about her religious beliefs–that we know of. However, there are some indications that she's a Catholic. Various celebrity-tracker websites have her listed as Catholic,[1] and an article about VanCamp's role in the film, Revenge, is posted on her website and refers to her as "the Catholic actress featured in the TV series Brothers and Sisters and Everwood."[2]

Furthermore, where VanCamp was born is roughly 40% Catholic,[3] and where she was raised (Montreal) is a whopping 74.5% Catholic.[4]

It's enough for me to call it–Catholic–if any of you readers dispute, please feel free to comment.

A Canadian in America

VanCamp leaves much less to speculation when it comes to politics. She's a liberal–and bounces off of most of the liberal touch points. She really likes Obama and, despite her Canadian citizenship, VanCamp stumped for Obama in 2008, campaigning as a Canadian who wants her neighbors to the south to enjoy the same healthcare benefits that she does:

Where I come from, we have universal health care. I want my neighbors in America to be able to afford to go to doctors when they're sick.[5]

Her enthusiasm for Obama carried over to 2012 and, about a month before the elections, she tweeted:

Obama 2012! This Canadian girl is all about him. grateful for his integrity[6]

She also mentioned Obama on her Twitter when he announced his support of gay marriage–a topic VanCamp seems to always have been passionate about. She said:

Bottom line about gay marriage is that it shouldn't even be a debate. Everyone should have the right to marry the person they love.[7]

Lastly, VanCamp attended the 2012 Environmental Media Awards, signaling her support of environmental causes.[8] The awards honor TV shows and films that spread a positive message about environmentalism.[9]

Looks like we've got ourselves a Canadian, Hollywood liberal.

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