Emraan Hashmi

The Religion and Political Views of Emraan Hashmi



Hashmi is Muslim, but very tolerant of other faiths.

Political Views

Hashmi appears to be totally non-political.


Emraan Hashmi was born and raised in Mumbai, India.

Hashmi was raised by a Muslim father and a Catholic mother.[1] It appears his upbringing was more Muslim, though.[2] And occasionally, he is spotted participating in Muslim ritual and ceremony. This photo shows him at a "dargah," which is a Sufi Muslim ritual performed at the burial site of Suffi saints.[3]

Hashmi appears to be fairly open religiously. He married a Hindu woman and has mentioned that she practices her faith in their shared home, ((I am not against any religion: Emraan Hashmi. Times of India.)) and he's willing to observe (not necessarily participate) in Hindu spiritual ceremonies such as the Kumbh Mela where tens of millions of Hindus take a pilgrimage to bathe in a holy river.[4] He said:

I'm not against any religion… so, how can I have anything against Hinduism or Islam or any other religion. I went to Kumbh to enjoy it and see for myself what happens there. Not one should analyse it or dissect my visit too much. ((,I am not against any religion: Emraan Hashmi,. Times of India.))

It would seem that there are those who take issue with his religion. This multi-millionaire Bollywood star was denied entry into a posh housing community because, Hashmi alleges, they discriminated against his Muslim faith.[5]

Ultimately, Hashmi seems to be open and laid back about religion–a symbol of an emerging modern, diverse India.

Politics. Maybe?

As far as I can tell, Hashmi is fairly non-political. If he is, then it's buried in a pile of Hindi. Besides, I have a real hard time understanding Indian politics. This satire site said he was nominated for the President of India–and they fooled me.[6]

There's not even much in the way of charity or philanthropy coming from Hashmi. He played a cricket match for the IIFA Foundation,[7] an organization dedicated to helping the families of film crew workers who are adversely affected by their breadwinner's absence.[8] Certainly not at all political. Help us out in the comments if you know anything, readers!

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