Emraan Hashmi was born and raised in Mumbai, India.

Hashmi was raised by a Muslim father and a Catholic mother.1 It appears his upbringing was more Muslim, though.2 And occasionally, he is spotted participating in Muslim ritual and ceremony. This photo shows him at a “dargah,” which is a Sufi Muslim ritual performed at the burial site of Suffi saints.3

Hashmi appears to be fairly open religiously. He married a Hindu woman and has mentioned that she practices her faith in their shared home, ((I am not against any religion: Emraan Hashmi. Times of India.)) and he’s willing to observe (not necessarily participate) in Hindu spiritual ceremonies such as the Kumbh Mela where tens of millions of Hindus take a pilgrimage to bathe in a holy river.4 He said:

I’m not against any religion… so, how can I have anything against Hinduism or Islam or any other religion. I went to Kumbh to enjoy it and see for myself what happens there. Not one should analyse it or dissect my visit too much. ((I am not against any religion: Emraan Hashmi. Times of India.))

It would seem that there are those who take issue with his religion. This multi-millionaire Bollywood star was denied entry into a posh housing community because, Hashmi alleges, they discriminated against his Muslim faith.5

Ultimately, Hashmi seems to be open and laid back about religion–a symbol of an emerging modern, diverse India.

Politics. Maybe?

As far as I can tell, Hashmi is fairly non-political. If he is, then it’s buried in a pile of Hindi. Besides, I have a real hard time understanding Indian politics. This satire site said he was nominated for the President of India–and they fooled me.6

There’s not even much in the way of charity or philanthropy coming from Hashmi. He played a cricket match for the IIFA Foundation,7 an organization dedicated to helping the families of film crew workers who are adversely affected by their breadwinner’s absence.8 Certainly not at all political. Help us out in the comments if you know anything, readers!

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