Gary Barlow

The Religion and Political Views of Gary Barlow



Barlow is vaguely Christian, but mostly non-religious.

Political Views

He is a supporter of the Conservatives.


Gary Barlow was born and raised in Frodsham, Cheshire, England.

Barlow appears to be vaguely Christian, but not terribly devout. First, he celebrates and hangs some importance on Christmas as a holiday, but not necessarily as a religious one.[1] He also intended at some point to record a Christmas album.[2] Okay, plenty of Jews, pagans, and atheists celebrate Christmas too, so we'll take it with a grain of salt.

Second (and last), there are a few Take That tunes that mention God, although not in a particularly religious way–if that's possible. There's lines like "God loves the aliens"[3] and "God bless the pretty things."[4] But those don't strike me as coming from a devout place. Then there's the song "Pray":

All I do each night is pray/ Hopin' that, I'll be a part of you again someday[5]

Interpret that as you will, but I'm still guessing Barlow isn't all that religious. Christian maybe, but devout, probably not.

Take That, Labour!

Barlow is a supporter of the Conservative party and David Cameron. The singer joined the prime minister when they launched "School Stars," a school-based music competition much like the TV show The X Factor on which Barlow is a judge. When asked if he was a Tory, Barlow said, "I would not be here if I was not."[6]

Barlow's cozy relationship with Cameron was criticized by Labour supporters after the former boy band front-man was accused of participating in a tax avoidance scheme. The prime minister refused to comment on the issue even though he had previously criticized other celebrities for similar schemes. That incident even prompted Labour MP Catherine McKinnell to call for Barlow to return his OBE, an award bestowed by the Queen of England for his philanthropy and contribution to the arts.[7]

And tax avoidance isn't all Barlow's been accused of. Some see his relationship with the Tories as less than genuine, but rather a scheme by the Conservatives to woo supporters who make them look cool.[8]

But really, who's to say? Regardless of his motivations, Barlow is definitely one more in the Conservative cap.

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