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12 May 2013

In a Twitlong

I was raised Catholic, which turned me off from religion because I had a very bad experience. Then, as a young adult, a death in the family resulted in a lot of anger and an even greater distance between me and faith, though I had always acknowledged I received my artistic gifts from God. I even firmly believed in creating MCR, I was given a mission from God, not unlike the scene in The Blues Brothers. The mission involved helping people and battling the forces of evil, by using word and the purifying flames produced by Marshall Halfstack amplification. This is true. It is also my version and my story, and if you disagree, one day you can tell your own version of your own personal story, but this one is mine, as are my beliefs- I ask you to respect them, as I respect yours, as long as they don't advocate hate, discrimination, or violence. Now, where I am today- Re-engaging more seriously in a sobriety program has provided me with an opportunity to face a lot of questions, and be honest with myself about how I truly feel about God, and the anger inside of me went away years ago. The truth is, I always believed in God, I was just young and angry, and more angry with myself than anything. I stopped hating myself, and started to truly love the person I truly was, as long as I was being who I am, which is who I am now. Does God look like a cartoon version with a white beard for me? No, God never has. It's something that has always changed for me, little visions I get that tell me what it is right now. Is it a man? Not always. Sometimes, for longer stretches than others, it's a woman, or a creature with female gender. For years to me, God was a planet-sized intergalactic space worm, blind, but seeing and feeling through sonic vibrations. Once God was even an imaginary J-Pop star. What God looks like is not important to me. In fact, I believe there is more violence created over what God looks like, and the differing of opinions on the subject, than most other foolish forms of violence. So I don't engage in that. I also believe in evolution, and science. So yeah. I believe in God and I'm cool with that.
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