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Criticizes Police

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Criticizes Police

Black Lives Matter Supporter

7 Jun 2020

On her Instagram, along with a picture of Black Lives Matter pamphlets

Just learned from @museummammy that in the US, up to 50% of people killed by the police are disabled. Source: @disabilityisdiversity -This is where defunding the police, or ‘moving the money,’ is of such importance. Police should not be first responders to calls that they are not experts in: mental health crisis, addiction-related issues, the homeless, the disabled, etc. -A great example @cleowade shared with me this week, 1 of 5 calls to 911 are for mental health crises; therefore, 1/5 of the funding for the police force should be transferred towards community mental-health support. Some noteworthy numbers via @campaignzero @iamderay @samswey -There were only TWENTY SEVEN DAYS in 2019 where police DIDN’T KILL SOMEONE. (see graph) -Meanwhile, for the past 20 years, only 5% of arrests made are for violent crime. -levels of violent crime in US cities does NOT determine rate of police violence. (see graph) -Police violence resulting in death that does not include a gun is NOT included in regular press databases.

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