Gwen Stafani was born and raised in Fullerton, California.

Stefani was raised in a devout Catholic household and it seems to have had a profound effect on her. When discussing how she came to develop her now-famous style, she admitted difficulties with percieved contradictions with her faith, saying:

I always had the pressure of ‘You’ve got to be a feminist and you’ve got to hate guys. And you’ve got to cuss and be tough.’ And I was never like that. I grew up, like, a Catholic good girl. Total Brady Bunch family… But I kind of got over that and realized that, yes, I love to dress up and I love to wear makeup and be myself.1

Even though she found her style and success with her band, she still seems to have held on to her Christian faith–for a time. Speaking of her love affair with No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal, Stefani said:

All I ever did was look at Tony and pray that God would let me have a baby with him.2

Now, it’s hard to tell if she’s kept the faith. Some speculate that she’s joined the Rastafari movement, having named her son after Jamaica’s capital, Kingston, and wishing for him to be a Rasta DJ when he grows up.3 But that’s purely speculation as she has never explicitly supported that view.

Politics in the Tragic Kingdom

Stefani is a Democrat. She’s not the most political rock star around, but she’s paid her dues to Obama, most notably during his 2012 re-election campaign.

Stefani hosted an Obama fundraiser at her house in Beverly Hills. The event was attended by first lady Michelle Obama and was billed as a children’s event featuring balloon animals, face painting, and moms with their kids. Oh, and it cost anywhere between $2,500 and $25,000 to get in.4

Stefani tweeted before the event:

Getting ready for Michelle Obama to come for a playdate.5

How adorable! A presidential playdate!

On the liberal front, Stefani stands strong. She designed a pair of children’s t-shirts with messages supporting same-sex marriage. Shockingly, department store Target picked up the controversial line and sold it at their stores.6 100% of profits from the shirts goes to an organization promoting marriage equality called the Family Equality Council.7

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