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Political Affiliations

Criticizes Biden

11 Jun 2022


In a tweet

Biden accomplishments 1. Highest gas prices 2. Worst inflation 3. Plummeting crypto prices 4. Highest rent prices ever 5. Created new incomprehensible language If you’re reading this and voted for Biden and you still don’t regret it then you are the American problem.

Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Neutral About Russo-Ukranian War

24 Feb 2022


In a tweet

My thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and Russia who are both going to suffer greatly from all of this mayhem.


Believes COVID-19 is a hoax

25 Nov 2020


In an interview with The Daily Beast

There are people losing jobs, there are small businesses who are going bankrupt, there are millions of people who are unemployed right now, people are turning to alcohol and drugs to cope with everything that’s going on. This is the most detrimental thing to our society. COVID cases are at less than 1 percent, and I think the disease is a hoax.


Black Lives Matter Supporter

2 Jun 2020


On his Instagram

black lives matter #BLM

Gun Control

Pro-Gun Control

12 Mar 2018


In a mini-documentary in his own Youtube channel

In my humble and respectful opinion, without a balanced and actionable approach to gun reform, mental health awareness, effective bullying solutions, school safety measures, truly teaching our youth and adults how to be more mindful and empathetic, better communitywide communication and reporting, etc., we simply cannot effectively correct the current course we’re on.

Climate Change

Climate Change Denier

21 Mar 2013


In a tweet

Global warming my ass
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