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Gun Control

Pro-Gun Control

25 May 2022


On her Instagram

It is so heart breaking and non sensical. I cannot believe so many of the same people crying “pro life” are the same people not lifting a finger to stop these relentless mass shootings in the USA. Actively blocking gun laws sometimes. What message do they think this sends out? PROTECT THE CHILDREN ALREADY HERE. In this country, what happens to these kids who get shot at school if their parents don’t have medical insurance? In a country that doesn’t use its taxes like most other developed countries, to make healthcare accessible? I am baffled and so deeply saddened by all of this. I don’t know what it’s going to take. THIS IS THE 27TH SCHOOL SHOOTING *THIS YEAR* and it’s only MAY.



3 Oct 2021


On her Instagram

I used two types of contraception, they both failed, and I aborted at 8 weeks. I was mentally/physically/emotionally and financially unstable and most importantly DID NOT WANT A CHILD. That should be enough. My life matters more than an unborn human. [...] Abortion is the freedom to decide on your own future. People are not ALLOWED to say that you and an unborn child deserve the same rights IF that unborn child’s life depends entirely on every single part of your body/life. If that child’s existence can endanger your health/life. If that child can derail your existence and destroy your dreams/freedom. That’s not equal. That argument makes no sense to me.
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