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Gun Control

Pro-Gun Control

25 May 2022


On her Instagram

"Easier to get a gun than baby formula.” ”There’s a hotline in Texas to report cars parked at a Planned Parenthood, but not a hotline to report a person with an assault rifle in a school.” Another teacher dies shielding her students from bullets. A 10 year old girl dies a hero for trying to call 911 as she was fatally shot. USA ALONE has had 288 school shootings since 2009. AND NOTHING DRASTIC HAS CHANGED. Lobbyist continue to be protected over our children. Shithead Abbott just signed a bill making it EASIER to own a gun in Texas. Our country is fucked when it comes to gun control. Shame on you GOP senators for not passing the gun control bill. It’s time to ACT NOW. How many more children have to die to gun violence?!
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