Jamie Lynn Spears

The Religion and Political Views of Jamie Lynn Spears



Spears is a Baptist.

Political Views

Spears is non-political.


Jamie Lynn Spears was born and raised mostly in McComb, Mississippi.

Spears is a Christian, more specifically a Baptist. She grew up going to a Christian school, the Parklane Academy in McComb.[1] Her pop star sister, Britney, spoke much more of the family's religious upbringing than Jamie Lynn has–so far. She said:

I'm a Baptist I grew up going to church, but I think you can have spiritual experiences without going to church.[2]

At the age of 16, Jamie Lynn became pregnant. She wasn't married–hopefully that would be obvious. She was widely criticized for being a teen role model who could exacerbate the American teen pregnancy problem. But interestingly, Christians came to her side, pointing out that Spears had met the baby's father in church.[3] …So, it's OK I guess.

I would say that Spears remains a good role model–perhaps not for teens–but for the human race. She owned the problem, accepted responsibility for her own life, and got on with it:

I put myself in this position, an adult position, so I have to be an adult and take responsibility for what I did. I've really become at peace with the whole situation.[4]

Conservative sweetie pie

Spears hasn't expressed any political views. Her family is often considered to be a bit more conservative. Her sister, Britney, was a supporter of George W. Bush and the Iraq War.[5] But she turned around and gave her endorsement to Obama in 2008.[6]

Spears was, before her very public fall from fame and fortune, a favorite among conservative parents, who saw her TV shows as wholesome and non-threatening.[7] Then again, even liberal parents like wholesome and non-threatening TV shows for their kids.

She did say that she was "scared" to ask for birth control, which was why she got pregnant so young. I'm tempted to call that a sort of byproduct of a conservative worldview. What do you guys think?

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